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Enjoy the Rest of Summer with your Dog!

enjoy-summer-dogSummer isn’t over yet! There’s still time to get out and enjoy the warm weather with your dog. In most areas, there are endless possibilities for spending time with your best furry friend during the summer season. Of course, not every activity is going to interest both you and your dog, but with a little patience, you’re certain to find some healthy ways to spend time together that are safe and entertaining.

You might try the following activities:

1. Go camping together. Camping is a (mostly) free activity that provides a break from the stresses of daily life while providing plenty of exercise and opportunities for bonding. Unless your dog has serious behavior problems, camping is a safe and fun way to spend a night or a few days.

2. Look around for a dog-friendly restaurant with a patio and surprise your pooch with a lunch out of the house. Remember to bring along his favorite treat, a small bowl, and some bottled water. Your dog will enjoy the change of scenery.

3. Go swimming! Spend the day at a nearby lake, visit the beach, or simply buy a kiddie pool and fill it up. Most dogs love splashing and playing in cool water, and swimming is a great way for you to beat the heat. If going into deep water, remember to fit your dog with a canine life jacket, no matter how well he can swim.

4. Visit your local dog park. Most cities have at least one dog park these days, and your beloved pet will probably have a great time running around and interacting with other dogs.

5. Find a hiking trail. If your dog is in good physical shape and you are craving some activity or adventure, find a hiking trail in your area and spend the day exploring. Watch your dog closely for signs of discomfort, exhaustion, or dehydration, and make sure you pack plenty of food and water.

Even if your dog does not enjoy time away from home, you can still spend quality time together this summer. Invest in a new dog toy or two and set aside some time each day to play with your pet, or invite another dog over for a play date (provided your dog enjoys the company of other animals).

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