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Fall Pet Care Tips

fall puppy editedWith the passing of Labor Day comes a new set of safety and care concerns for pet owners. Here are some tips to help your pets stay safe during this time of transition:

1) Think about a safety gate for your front door. With children rushing out to catch the bus for school, it’s easy for the door not to be tightly shut. An extra barrier can keep your pet safe inside.

2) If you make school lunches ahead of time, be sure to put them in the refrigerator or a locked cupboard. Foods like grapes and chocolate chip cookies can be dangerous for pets.

3) Pets that have had plenty of human companionship all summer may now be lonely. Think about leaving a talk show playing on the radio and some extra chew treats to help pets adjust to the school year schedule. Dental treats, like Greenies for dogs and cats, can help pets with their tooth care while also providing some amusement.

4) Remember to schedule in some time for extra exercise for your pets. This may mean a longer walk for a dog or 10 minutes of playtime with a favorite toy for a cat. The extra attention and exercise will help pets stay content.

5) Days will be getting shorter. Consider purchasing a reflective leash, collar, or vest for evening and early morning walks with your dog for visibility.

6) Continue with heartworm medication even after the end of mosquito season. Most of the preventive medications work retroactively, so they need to be continued after the mosquitos disappear.

7) Fleas and ticks can continue into the fall and even winter, so continue to protect pets from these parasites as well. Large piles of raked up leaves can be wonderful tick havens – so try to keep your pets from playing in the piles.

8) Watch your pet’s diet. If your pet is getting less exercise now than during the summer months, a decrease in the amount of food might be a good idea. Talk to your veterinarian about your pet’s nutrition.

9) Grooming is important during the fall. Many pets will shed their summer coats and grow in thicker undercoats. Weekly brushing at a minimum is important for most dogs and cats. Some pets will do best with daily grooming sessions.

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  • Tulsa Vets November 14, 2013, 7:20 am

    These are wonderful tips for pet owners out there. Thanks for posting.

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