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February is National Pet Dental Health Month

pet dental health month editedFebruary has been designated as National Pet Dental Health Month to remind pet parents of the importance of keeping their pet’s teeth clean.

Poor dental care leads to bad breath, gum disease and loose teeth, which can be very painful and, understandably, makes it difficult for a pet to eat.  But there is an even bigger problem; bacteria in the mouth are ingested internally and can lead to serious medical issues like liver disease and even heart failure.

There are a lot of ways to keep your pet’s mouth in good condition. An easy addition to your pet’s dental health routine is a healthy chew like Paragon Large Alligator Dental Chews for Dogs. They are made from freeze dried fish and have a unique texture that helps scrape teeth clean and prevent plaque and tartar buildup. There are also fun treats to keep breath fresh such as the Yip Yap for dogs and the Pit’r Pat Cat Breath Treats.

But good dental care also extends beyond brushing and dental treats.  For example, dogs should never be encouraged to carry around rocks because there is a good chance they may chip a tooth. Ice is also known to crack teeth. If your pet likes ice, rather freeze water or vegetable or a meat broth in a shallow bowl and let them lick it rather than crunch down on it. Some cats like to lick cold things too. Once again, don’t give them ice block no matter how small to try and crunch on.

Professional teeth cleaning should only be done in a veterinarian’s office. Be wary of unqualified practitioner who may claim they are offering more gentle techniques. It’s a specialized job and only a specialist should do it.

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