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Fish Health


Did you know your pet fish can get sick? Yes, they can! You may be surprised to hear this but it’s much more common than many fish owners realize. Just like any other pet, fish need to stay healthy as they can get sick and get other fish in their tank sick.

Fish are susceptible to various bacterial and viral diseases. In fact, fish transmit diseases via the water they swim in. Fish introduced to an existing tank easily contaminate the water in the tank they are introduced which can cause all fish to be exposed to disease.This makes keeping the water your fish is in clean and balanced a priority. The water must be routinely evaluated to prevent the spread of disease.

Symptoms of a Sick Fish:

-Frayed fins
-Staying/hovering at the bottom of the tank
-Inability to swim to the bottom or top of the tank
-External spots, discoloration or open wounds

What to Do If You Suspect Your Fish Is Sick:

First check the tank’s water quality. You will want to ensure the water temperature, ammonia and dissolved oxygen levels are within the desired range required to fit your fish’s needs. Make adjustments as needed and with caution. Ensure you closely monitor any adjustments you make by testing the water before, during and after any adjustments are made.

Keep the tank clean. Not only does this involve testing the water quality, but also routine water changes, routinely changing the filter and clearing any debris. Owning fish as pet is just as serious and as much as a responsibility as any other pet. For all your pet fish needs, click here.

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