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Five Dog Breeds with a Love for the Great Outdoors

lab puppy hike editedAutumn is a beautiful time to head outside for a walk or a hike. If you find yourself enjoying the sights and sounds of the outdoors all year long, you might need a canine companion that shares your adventurous spirit. Below are five dog breeds that are typically very content hiking, running, walking, swimming, or camping right by your side.

1.) Vizsla: This incredibly active breed needs to spend a lot of time exercising. Avid hikers and runners might be a good match for one of these beautiful canines.

2.) Labrador Retriever (pictured): This popular breed can’t get enough adventure. These loyal and lovable dogs excel at agility and dog sports including dog diving. Hiking, camping, and swimming are also Labrador favorites.

3.) American Water Spaniel: If you’re looking for a smaller breed with a big love for the outdoors, the American Water Spaniel might be your ideal match. These dogs are typically strong swimmers and good hunting companions.

4.) Bloodhound: Head out on a trail to really get a Bloodhound’s scent tracking abilities going. Bloodhounds are good companions for slow, steady walks and hikes.

5.) Wirehaired Pointing Griffon: You may not have heard about this breed, but they’re known for their superb hunting abilities, intelligence, and love for outdoor adventures.

Remember, always do you research before bringing home a new canine companion. Many of these breeds require a great deal of activity to prevent boredom and destructive behavior. Also, consider talking to an adoption counselor at your local shelter for their recommendation for a dog that would match your active lifestyle.

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