Five of the Most Cuddly Dog Breeds

by VetDepot on April 24, 2014

sweet cavalier blogDogs come in all shapes and sizes. Some love to run, some love to play, and some are content just curling up in a warm lap for a nap. If you’re looking for an especially snuggly canine companion, you might consider one of these five breeds:

1.) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (pictured right): These happy dogs are people pleasers! They love nothing more than to lounge around with their human companions.

2.) Maltese: Due to their small size, sweet temperament, and fluffy coats, these dogs make wonderful lapdogs.

3.) Pug: This happy little breed is full of affection!

sweet dachshund blog4.) Dachshund (pictured left): This sweet natured breed loves adventure, but also loves coming back home to put in some quality cuddle time.

5.) French Bulldog: These adorable dogs will gladly join their human family in some quality R&R time.

To learn more about choosing the right dog for you, be sure to check out VetDepot’s dog breed guide!

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