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Five of the Trendiest Cat Names

cute kitten big blogWhen it comes to cat names, some owners choose to go for the classics. Fluffy, baby, and kitty are all popular choices. But sometimes, pop culture comes into play. Below are five of the trendiest feline names:

1. Sheldon: Most likely popularized by the show The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon has become an increasingly popular name in the feline world over the past couple of years. This shouldn’t be a big surprise since many cats’ personalities are just as peculiar as Sheldon Cooper’s.

2. Penelope: Penelope has seen a big boost in kitten name popularity. Perhaps it’s because Kourtney Kardashian’s baby girl shares the name, or maybe, it’s just because the name is downright adorable.

3. Thor: There’s nothing cuter than a tiny cat with a big time movie name. Thor has definitely gained momentum in the feline world.

4. Loki: Another result of the Thor phenomenon, Loki (the villain in the Thor movies) has also risen in popularity.

5. Dexter: The popular TV series may have come to an end in 2013, but everyone’s favorite fictional serial killer seems to have driven Dexter up the list of most common feline names.



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