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Five Safety Tips for Boating with Dogs

dog on a boat blogIf you or someone you know has a boat, you may be planning an outing sometime this summer. If you want to include your canine companion in the fun, be sure to follow these boating safety tips!

1.) Get Fido acquainted: Before setting sail, make sure your dog has a chance to get used to the boat. Introducing your dog to the boat ahead of time will make your first voyage less stressful because the surroundings won’t be so unfamiliar.

2.) Invest in a life jacket: Life jackets are important even for the strongest of swimmers. A canine life jacket will keep your dog afloat no matter what the conditions. Plus, if you need to pull your pup out of the water, life jackets have a handle to grab on to.

3.) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Make sure your canine companion has access to plenty of water while out on the boat. A sunny day can put your dog at risk for heat stroke.

4.) Pack a first-aid kit: Just like you should have a human first-aid kit onboard, you should also have some emergency supplies for your dog. Include a pet-safe topical antibiotic for minor scrapes and a supply of any pet medications your dog typically takes.

5.) Supervise: Keep your eyes on your dog the entire time to ensure safety.

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