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Five Ways Dogs Say “I Love You” | VetDepot Blog
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Five Ways Dogs Say “I Love You”

dog and owner sil blogDogs are known for being loving and loyal companions. You probably already know how much your dog loves you, but just in case you need some more proof, look for these five signs of canine affection:

1. Looking after you when you’re not feeling well: Have you ever noticed that your dog seems to know when you’re feeling a little under the weather? Dogs may snuggle up against you, lick your face, or just stay extra close to you during these times. Canines are pack animals and their natural instinct is to care for each other. If your pup is caring for you, you must be an important part of the pack.

2. Jumping up on you: Although most owners look at jumping as a behavior that needs to be corrected, a dog’s desire to jump on you when you come through the door is out of pure love and excitement. Dogs jump up on their owners to catch their attention and say hello. Although it’s perfectly okay to teach your dog not to do this, it’s also important to understand that the behavior is a display of affection.

3. “Kissing” your face: Dogs lick people for many difference reasons, one of which is affection. Their canine mothers licked them, and they’re passing along the gesture to you.

4. Tail wagging: A loose, relaxed tail wag is a sign of a happy dog. If your dog exhibits this behavior around you, that’s a sure sign of love.

5. Leaning on you: If your dog ever physically leans on you, know that it’s most likely a loving gesture. Your dog wants to show you some attention and probably wants to be shown some attention as well. If you notice this behavior, take a moment to sit down and pet your dog.

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  • Tonya Kays February 10, 2015, 9:37 am

    I own two Scotties and I noticed that they don’t lick me for kisses but I was also told that by their breaders they are known for not kissing humans. On the flip side my pet sitter says that they kiss her all the time. What’s up with that?

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