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Flea and Tick Preventative

As a responsible dog owner, you know how serious flea and tick control is. There’s nothing worse than watching your sweet fur baby suffer from issues due to ticks or fleas. Especially when these issues are so easily preventable.

Summer is quickly approaching and as the days go by, the weather is warming up. While this means more fun in the sun with your pooch, it also means more pests like fleas and ticks. Fleas thrive in warm climates, resulting in an influx of these pests during the warm summer months.

It’s a wise choice to start your dog on a flea and tick preventative such as Nexgard. Nexgard is a once a month, chewable flea and tick treatment that not only acts a preventative measure, but also treats existing flea and ticks.

Even if your dog is not currently suffering from fleas or ticks, you should never wait until your dog is suffering to take action to help them. Why even risk the chance of your sweet dog being in any discomfort?

Ticks carry many diseases that are easily spread to your dog and are potentially life threatening. Some diseases that ticks carry and transmit to dogs can result in paralysis. Fleas in particular can cause many problems for not only your dog but also you. If your dog catches fleas, the fleas easily spread to other pets in your household. A flea infestation will cause a nuisance for you and your family members. Most importantly, fleas serve as hosts for tapeworms which both dogs and humans can be infected with.

Nexgard is available in 3 month and 6 month supply, as well as varying dosages depending on the weight of your dog.

Regularly keeping on track of your dog’s flea and tick preventative will cause less headache for both you and your dog. Not to mention, it will keep you and your dog comfortable and pest free.

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