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Flea Prevention


As the weather becomes warmer, it’s a great time to discuss flea prevention for your pets. If you notice your cat or dog becoming itchy and pestered as the weather has warmed up, it’s because fleas are attracted to warm climates. The warmer of an area you live in, the higher the likelihood of fleas agitating your pets. As humans, we don’t like to be itchy and surely our pets don’t like to be either! This is why preventative, routine flea prevention is important. This is especially important if you live in an area that remains warm all year long.

As responsible pet owners it’s our responsibility to get a flea infestation under control and maintain it for the health of our pet. You can either treat your pet for fleas spot on (also known as topically) or treat fleas orally. No matter the method you choose, it’s extremely important to understand that flea preventatives intended for dogs can be harmful and potentially lethal to cats. Therefore, preventatives intended for dogs only and cats only should be used in their respective manner.


Spot on Treatments Compared to Oral Treatments-

Products like Frontline and Advantage are commonly used spot on treatments. They work by killing existing fleas, in addition to regulating flea growth. They are applied to your pet’s skin once a month. It’s a great option for pets who downright refuse to swallow pills.

Some pet owners feel spot on treatments can be messy, which makes oral medication a great alternative. Capstar and NexGard are great examples of oral flea preventatives. Oral flea medication can provide fast relief and treatment of fleas. In addition, there is no worry if you’ve successfully placed the entire treatment on your pet, like there is with spot on treatments.

Even if your pet doesn’t currently have fleas, it’s a good idea to start them on a preventative for their safety and yours. If your pet catches fleas, the fleas easily spread to other pets in your household. A flea infestation will cause a nuisance for you and your family members. Most importantly, fleas serve as hosts for tapeworms which both pets and humans can be infected with. It’s best not to risk a flea infestation when it’s so simple to protect our pets by using a flea preventative.

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