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Four Household Dangers that Can Harm Your Pet!

puppy washing machine blogThere are several everyday items lurking around homes that can be hazardous to pets if ingested. Some of these items are so common that it might be easy to forget to keep them out of reach from curious dogs and cats. Below are four common household dangers to be aware of:

1.) Pennies: Pennies contain zine, which can cause anemia, kidney, failure, and even heart failure. Ingestion of just one penny can be fatal in some cases.

2.) Batteries Chewing on a battery can lead to severe ulcers in the mouth, esophagus, and stomach.

3.) Fertilizer: If you treat your lawn with fertilizer, be sure to keep your pets away until it’s dry. Some fertilizers contain dangerous amounts of phosphorus, zinc, nitrogen, and other potentially hazardous components.

4.) Detergents and dryer sheets: These laundry staples can cause ulcers in the mouth, stomach and esophagus in cats and dogs.

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  • Pamala McBrayer October 16, 2014, 1:07 pm

    NickleCadmium batteries and Lithium ion batteries in cell phones are extremely dangerous to animals as they are incredibly poisonous if ingested. These WILL KILL YOUR PET. Do not leave your phone or remotes laying around. They vibrate, make noise, and are made of excellent chew toy like appeal. I have had dogs surf counters to try to eat my phone, and despite the best of efforts, have lost two phones (pulled down by catching the charge cord) and 8 remotes. Verizon must hate us…but one Husky we have loves them! She will look for them, and now we must put it away on top of the tv overhead. Or stow in a nightstand drawer.
    Another thing to watch is used personal feminine products. You dispose of them properly, but dogs surf trash. The danger is choking or bowel impaction if ingested. It’s a repugnant idea, but male dogs in particular are attracted to the odor. Just be aware. Close your bathroom door or use a heavy lidded trash can. Since I have big dogs, I have to remove the trash from the bathroom daily and take it straight to the curb when these items are in garbage or place our kitchen garbage in a locking closet

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