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Freshening Up your Pet’s Breath for the Holidays | VetDepot Blog
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Freshening Up your Pet’s Breath for the Holidays

The holidays are a great time for family gatherings. With all of the extra guests in your home, you don’t want to be embarrassed by Fido or Fluffy’s bad breath.

It is not too late to work on cleaning up that overwhelming bad breath. Some pets may actually require a full dentistry and cleaning at your veterinary clinic. Others will improve dramatically with some effort on your part at home.

You can start off simply with an oral spray or dental additive to put in your pet’s water. Most pets drink the water with an additive with no problem, but be sure to monitor your pet’s water intake when you first try an additive. You may need to flavor the water with a drop or two of juice from a can of tuna. Read the directions carefully on all mouth sprays – some are meant for daily usage while others are not.

While a mouthwash or spray will help with your pet’s dental health, you may need to do more to truly get that mouth healthy again and restore the breath to some degree of freshness. Using a pet toothbrush or finger brush along with flavored toothpaste at least twice a week will go a long way towards a healthier mouth for your pets. Poultry and seafood flavorings tend to be the most popular among dogs and cats.

Start slowly – at first, just let your pet lick the toothpaste off your finger. Then move on to rubbing and cleaning the teeth. If handling a toothbrush and your pet at the same time is overwhelming, try putting some toothpaste on a piece of sterile gauze and gently rubbing your pet’s teeth with that. You don’t need to open the mouth wide. Just reach inside the lip and work on the teeth you can reach. Initially you may need to do your pet’s teeth daily, but many pets are well maintained wit brushing just twice a week.

A third and easy way to battle bad breath and poor dental hygiene is through dental chews. There are special, flavored chews made for both dogs and cats. Try a couple of different brands and flavors to find ones your pet enjoys.

Start your dental care program now and hopefully your pet’s breath will be sweet by the time holiday company arrives.

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