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Fun Frog Facts

We really don’t give frogs enough credit for how much they help us humans out. For such small animals, they are incredibly vital to the food chain and help to keep insect populations under control. This is important because most of the insects they eat carry diseases that can be fatal to humans. Frogs also aide in eating insects that may destroy crops. We love our leaping amphibian friends and thought you may enjoy learning the following facts:

  • Frogs inhabit every continent except for Antarctica.


  • Frogs don’t drink water, they absorb it into their body through their skin. Specifically through a frog’s belly and underside of its legs. A frog’s skin is permeable which allows water and gases to be easily absorbed. As humans, this is important to remember and aide in reducing pollution. Pollution in a frog’s environment can greatly hurt and easily kill a substantial amount of frogs.


  • A frog breathes through its nostrils as well as its skin by absorbing extra oxygen in the water.


  • Frogs have an incredibly sticky tongue. This allows them to catch and swallow their food. A frog’s tongue is not attached to the back of its mouth like a human’s tongue. Instead, the tongue is attached to the front which allows frogs to stick their tongues out farther.


  • A frog’s skin sheds once a week. This is known as molting. Once its skin has shed, the frog typically eats it. It may sound gross, but the purpose is for a frog to absorb the much needed protein found in its skin.


  • A group of frogs is called an army.


  • Male frogs croak to attract females. In fact, each species of frog has a unique croak which is can to be heard a mile away. Until recently, it was believed that female frogs do not croak, only the males croak. However, in the last few decades scientists have discovered some species of female frogs who croak.
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