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Getting Ready for Winter with Pets

As winter creeps closer, the advent of cooler weather makes our pets more susceptible to aching joints and poor circulation especially if they are over seven years old which lists them as seniors in the pet world. So now would be a perfect time to take a look at your pet’s supplement regimen. Start by taking stock and making sure whatever vitamins and supplements your pet takes on a regular basis aren’t expired.

I put my late calico cat, Cali, on a regular dose of Cosequin for joint maintenance when she was ten years old and according to my veterinarian this stood her in good stead as she aged well into her teens and remained supple and mobile until she passed away aged 19 and-a- half. Other products to consider include JointMax Soft Chews and Glyco-Flex joint supplements, which are both available in soft chew form. Because cats are notorious for refusing to take pills, you can take a capsule, open it, and sprinkle the contents on their food instead.

All pets deserve an annual wellness checkup and this would be a really good time to speak to your veterinarian and follow up on their suggestions. There are many excellent supplements available to deal with a variety of health maintenance issues.

As temperatures drop and it begins to rain and snow, it’s not an excuse to cut down on your dog’s daily exercise routine either. Consider getting your dog booties to wear in the rain and the snow to protect paw pads especially from salts used to melt snow, which can be harsh on your pet’s feet.

The latest fad for dogs is a treadmill. They are not cheap but could be a worthwhile investment if you live in a part of the country that doesn’t allow you to take your dog outside for regular exercise.  You can also consider signing your pooch up for a doggie camp or a day at daycare so that he can have fun playing with other dogs in an indoor environment. Of course if you have friends with dogs that play well with your canines, consider setting up regular play dates. Just like with children, it gives them an opportunity to interact and play in a different environment.

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