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Glyco-Flex Helps Maintain Healthy Joints for Your Aging Pet

glyco-flex blogGlyco-Flex is a glucosamine based supplement for animals designed by scientists to increase joint health and mobility in pets. In addition to glucosamine, Glyco-Flex for dogs and cats also contains a wide variety of amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins. The building blocks of cartilage itself are included in the supplement, along with essential minerals that help promote strong bones and connective tissue growth. The minerals included in Glyco-Flex actually increase enzyme production that keeps joints healthy and pain-free. The ingredients in Glyco-Flex all work together to improve mobility, decrease stiffness, and help a pet’s joints thrive. Glyco-Flex supplements are produced by the highly respected Vetri-Science laboratories, a company with a long history of developing supplements to help all manner of animals and pets.

Glyco-Flex is available as a three stage system for dogs and a two stage system for cats. A veterinarian will be able to recommend the correct stage for a pet based on the severity of any existing joint problems, the pet’s age, and the pet’s overall health. The stages increase in strength with your pet’s age and changing needs.

Stage I of Canine Glyco-Flex is recommended for puppies and dogs with an early need for basic skeletal support. It is suggested for dog breeds that are likely to develop problems such as osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia as they age.

Stage II of Canine Glyco-Flex is for dogs with a more moderate need for joint support. These may be working or sporting dogs, or dogs in breeds that are strongly predisposed to suffering joint problems later in life.

Stage III of Canine Glyco-Flex is the strongest supplement available for joint support and is ideal for elderly dogs suffering from osteoarthritis. Stage 3 contains a whopping 500 mg of glucosamine.

Feline Glyco-Flex is for cat owners and is available in two stages. Stage I is a preventative supplement intended to help cats avoid any future joint problems they are susceptible to. Stage II is for cats with more serious joint problems and contains a higher amount of active ingredients.

Gylco-Flex is a great product to help protect the joint health of an aging pet. It’s perfect for both dogs and cats, and helps pets to live a life free of debilitating joint pain.

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