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Got Poop?

got poop blogDo you have a dog that eats feces? This can be a frustrating behavior, particularly if the same dog is a fan of giving “kisses”. Coprophagia, the technical term for this undesirable habit, can lead to more serious health problems than just bad breath (i.e. parasitism or gastrointestinal infections) so owners should do what they can to prevent it.

The first line of defense against coprophagia is limiting access to feces. Clean up the yard regularly. If your dog regularly snacks from the cat litter box, block his access to it and scoop often. Dietary changes can also help. Different foods alter the smell and composition of feces, which may make them less appealing when your pup has the munchies.

If dietary changes and limiting access to feces doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to move on to Plan B. Several pet products are available that help make feces less palatable to dogs. Some work by imparting a foul taste to the feces such as For-Bid and STOP Tablets, others contain enzymes that help break down components of the stool that dogs find appealing (i.e. CoproBan). Some products, like NaturVet Coprophagia Deterrent Soft Chews, combine the two approaches.

Once you find a brand that works for your dog, continue with it for at least several weeks to reinforce the lesson. Unfortunately, some dogs will continue to sample feces from time to time, and if they find that it tastes “good” again, they will revert to their old behavior and require repeat treatments.

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