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Guinea Pig Facts

Guinea pigs are a type of rodent, but don’t let that scare you away from making one part of your family. They are sweet social critters who love attention from people and don’t have a reputation for biting. Before committing to guinea pig ownership, it’s important to learn about their needs and likes:

  • A guinea pig is also known as a “Cavy”. A female guinea pig is called a “sow” while a male is called a”boar”.


  • Guinea pigs make great pets for children as they do not require many supplies, bond well with their owners and teach children the responsibility of pet ownership. Setting up a home for a guinea pig is fairly quick and easy with their basic necessities being a cage, food, and a tunnel to hide in.


  • They are inside pets who cannot handle warm weather. Warm weather can be life threatening to them as they easily develop heatstroke.


  • Guinea pigs have a lifespan of 7 to 9 years. This makes them great companions to bond with. It’s important to evaluate their lifespan if considering a guinea pig for a pet as they are a great deal of responsibility and commitment.


  • Guinea pigs purr similar to cats. They make this quiet vibrating noise when they are happy and while they are being pet. In fact, guinea pigs make many noises that may surprise their owners such as squealing, teeth chattering, and rumbling.


  • Guinea pigs are sociable with their human owners. They are very friendly animals and recognize and respond to their owners similar to how dogs and cats do. It’s not uncommon for them to squeal with excitement or climb up the side of their cage when their owners greet them.


  • They love eating vegetables so it’s important to include leafy greens and ensure they receive adequate vitamin C in their diet.
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