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Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Pet

Halloween is right around the corner! If you haven’t already, it’s time to start thinking of what costume you will want to wear. Don’t forget your pet either! They will love being included in the dressing up and spirit of Halloween. If you don’t see any costumes you like at your local store, don’t forget that pet costumes make great DIY projects. Think outside the box and check your closets for clothing or other materials that will add the perfect touch to a DIY costume.

Not sure what to dress your pal as? Check out the following costume ideas for some Halloween costume motivation:

  • Wings are the perfect costume for your cat or dog! Your pet could either be a bat or an angel.

  • Have an extra shirt and tie to spare? Dress your dog up as a mini you, ready for a day at the office.

  • Consider a themed costume if you have more than one pet. To really get in the spirit, dress yourself up to match!

  • Don’t exclude your pet if they are recovering from an injury or surgery, simple additions to their E-Collar will keep them included in the fun.

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