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Halloween Costumes for Pets: Safety Tips

Dog costume blogMany communities hold special events this time of year to celebrate Halloween. Sometimes, a pet costume contest is a fun part of these celebrations. While some pets don’t mind dressing up, others may not be so comfortable.

For cats, it might be wise to look for a photo costume contest, as being in a crowded public space might cause anxiety. Costumes aren’t a great idea for virtually all birds, reptiles, and pocket pets.

Meanwhile, there are some dogs that love being social and don’t mind wearing a costume. Look for outfits that won’t interfere with your dog’s mobility, vision or hearing. Always check that the costume fits comfortably. Think about overheating if the costume is warm and your pet will be inside. Be sure to consider elimination as well so you don’t end up with a mess. If your dog has prick ears, look for a hat or headdress that will fit comfortably no matter what position the ears are in.

If you’re crafty, you might search for a pattern online to make your own pet Halloween costume. If you choose to do so, all of the considerations above still apply. If your pet is not a fan of clothing, a Halloween themed collar might be a better choice than an intricate costume.

Never leave your pet alone while wearing a costume. Even the most tolerant of pets don’t usually want to wear a costume for a prolonged period of time. It’s important to always keep your pet’s comfort and safety in mind.

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