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Halloween Precautions for Pets

halloween dog 2 blogHalloween can be a fun holiday for people, but not for most pets!  The chaos of strangers knocking on the door, the scary costumes, and the candy all add up to potential problems for pets. Plan ahead to keep your four-legged family members safe and sound.

The first step is to find a safe place for pets to be during trick-or-treating hours. Ideally, this is a quiet room at the back of the house. A room downstairs in a finished basement is another good choice. Set your pet up with a comfortable bed, some water and a toy or something to chew on.

If your pet is inclined to be an escape artist, consider using a crate in a quiet room. It might be a good idea to have a radio playing for some background noise, this will minimize the disturbance of the doorbell ringing and knocking. Pheromone products, like D.A.P for dogs or Feliway for cats, can be helpful in stressful situations like Halloween night.

Some cats will mellow out with catnip. If this applies to your cat, add some dried catnip or a fresh sprig to the room or carrier where your cat is confined. However, do not try this with a cat that gets wound up from catnip!

Plan your candy and treat storage carefully. You will need a pet proof container for pre-trick-or-treating and to store any leftovers. Chocolate, raisins, and xylitol (found in many sugar-free gums and candies) are all dangerous for pets.

Be sure to check out our Halloween Safety for Pets Infographic for more helpful tips and information.

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