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Helping Kids and Cats Interact Safely

kid and cat blogIf your house is home to both a young child and a feline companion, fostering a safe and comfortable relationship between the two is important. Below are four tips for helping your child and your cat get along beautifully:

1.) Supervise! This is part of being both a responsible parent and a responsible pet parent. Supervision is always necessary with young children and animals. One pull of the tail can quickly turn into a dangerous situation.

2.) Watch for body language: While you’re supervising, be sure to pay attention to what your cat is trying to say. Purring or leaning against your child are signs that your cat is enjoying the interaction, while tail swishing or extended claws are not.

3.) Teach and lead by example: Show your child how to gently and properly pet a cat. Very young kids might instinctively poke or grab at a cat, so it’s important to show them how to softly stroke instead.

4.) Give your cat some alone time: It’s wonderful for your child and your cat to get along, but even the most tolerable of felines might need a break once in a while. Make sure your cat has areas in the home for some rest and relaxation.

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