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Helping Pets in Japan

The recent disasters in Japan have been incredibly devastating, leaving many people without homes, food and other necessities. Pets have suffered the effects of the disaster as well. Organizations providing relief to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami have featured prominently in much of the media coverage of these tragic events. However, there are many worthy organizations dedicated to helping the animals left injured, homeless or both following these disasters.

Animal Rescue Kansai is an animal shelter preparing to take in large numbers of animals from areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

Another group working hard to rescue animals in Japan is Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support. This coalition of three no-kill shelters, HEART-Tokushima, Animal Garden Niigata and Japan Cat Network, has banded together to rescue and care for dogs, cats and other animals affected by the crisis in Japan.

If you have an old cell phone or are due for an upgrade, send that phone you no longer need to The Animal Miracle Foundation and Network. They are collecting phones for volunteers helping animals in Japan.

Animals are also helping people trapped in the rubble left behind by the disasters in Japan. The Search Dog Foundation is sending teams of dogs and volunteers to search for survivors in the areas hit hardest by the disasters.

If you have not yet donated to disaster relief in Japan, or if you have but you want to do more, consider making a donation to help the animals affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Our four-legged friends need our help!

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