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Helping Your Dog Avoid the Back to School Blues

back to school puppy blogIt’s that time of year again! Kids are soaking up the last days of summer and preparing to go back to school. Families are often so busy adjusting to the back-to-school routine that they don’t realize it’s affecting their canine companion. Dogs that have had plenty of companionship all day long during the summer months may experience anxiety or depression once classes resume. Here are some tips for helping Fido ease into the back to school routine:

1.) Go for a morning walk: Dogs are less likely to be anxious during the day if they’ve gotten some morning activity. A little exercise can go a long way toward keeping your pup happy.

2.) Don’t make a big deal out of goodbye: When it’s time for everyone to leave in the morning on the first day of school, don’t get emotional. Pet your dog like you usually would, but don’t act like something out of the ordinary is about to happen.

3.) Leave the TV on: If you know your dog is prone to anxiety, leave the television or radio on low volume while you’re away.

4.) Invest in some toys: Buy some extra special toys that your dog only gets when you leave the house. That way, your dog will associate you leaving with something positive.

5.) Make your time together count: Be sure your family spends some quality time with your dog at the end of the day. Whether it’s a play session, a walk, or cuddling up on the couch, dogs are always happier and healthier when they’re getting plenty of love and attention.

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