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Holiday Company and Your Pet

holiday company blogOne of the best parts of the holiday season is time spent with family and friends. However, it’s important for pet owners to take some extra precautions when company is around.

  1. Make sure your company understands your pet’s personality. Some pets enjoy mingling with new people, while others may prefer to avoid strangers.
  2. Establish firm rules about opening doors so pets don’t escape. You may find it simpler to invest in some pet or baby gates for added safety.
  3. Set rules about treats. People love to feed pets, but you don’t want your pet to have too many treats or any dangerous foods.
  4. Beware of holiday drinks. Keep your pet out of rooms where guests are setting down their cocktails.
  5. Carefully check out any toys brought as gifts for your pet to make sure they’re appropriate for your pet’s size and strength.
  6. Let new acquaintances know the rules of your house. For example, if your pet is not allowed on the sofa, don’t make an exception when company is over.
  7. If there are small children among the company and your pet is not used to or comfortable with children, provide your pet with a “safe place” where the children aren’t allowed to be or can’t go.
  8. Hopefully your company won’t arrive with their own pets in tow unless they were invited. There’s enough excitement going on during the holidays, it’s best not to introduce animals for the first time during a gathering.
  9. Try to stick to your pet’s regular feeding and bathroom schedule.
  10. If your pet tends to suffer from anxiety when exposed to too much excitement, talk to your vet about anti-stress pet medications.

With some planning and care, the holidays can be a fun filled time for you, your pets and your guests!

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