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Holiday Gift Guide for Pets

gift guide for pets blogWith the holiday season upon us, many owners want to share the excitement with their pets by buying a special gift or two.

Pet toys are generally a big hit – especially for dogs. Always check sizing for safety’s sake. Your Labrador Retriever might swallow a ball that is the perfect size for a Yorkshire Terrier. Toys designed for play with the owner aren’t always best for leaving your pet alone with, as many of them can be easily chewed up. Look for toys designed specifically for chewing if you want to leave a toy with your dog while you’re out of the house.

Many cats love catnip toys. However, it’s important to test your cat’s reaction to catnip. Some cats mellow out with catnip, while others get over-the-top excited. Avoid toys with string that your cat might chew through and swallow.

If your pet is lucky enough to receive several toys for the holidays, take one photo op with all of the loot, then put most of the toys away. You can bring out a new toy every couple of weeks and prolong the holiday fun for months!

Of course, treats are the best way to the hearts of some pets. It’s important to limit the number of treats so your pet doesn’t overindulge or pack on unnecessary pounds. For a special gift, consider making your own pet treats!

Time is one of the most precious gifts you can give your pet. Consider making a resolution to give your dog an extra daily walk or sign up for a fun training class.

Happy holidays!

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