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How Regular Grooming Can Improve your Pet’s Health

cat brushing blogKeeping up with grooming will not only help your pet look her best, it may actually be beneficial to her health. Below are three grooming habits that do more than keep your pet looking best in show:

1.) Brushing: Brushing not only removes dirt and dead hair from your pet’s coat, it also gives you an opportunity to notice any subtle changes in your pet’s skin. You’ll be more likely to notice signs of fleas, dry skin, or unusual lumps or bumps if you’re regularly brushing your pet’s coat. Be sure to discuss any unusual findings or concerns with your pet’s veterinarian.

2.) Nail Trimming: Ensuring your pet’s nails are trimmed to the appropriate length will help prevent overgrown nails and other potentially painful conditions. This is also an opportunity to check the feet for other problems like cracked pads or swelling. Be sure to consult with a veterinarian or professional groomer for information about properly trimming your pet’s nails.

3.) Tooth brushing: Obviously, keeping those pearly whites clean will freshen up your pet’s breath, but good oral hygiene is also important for your pet’s overall health. Regular brushing will help prevent periodontal disease and dangerous bacterial infections that can spread to the kidneys, lever, brain, or heart.

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