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How to Choose the Best Dog Bed for Your Pup

dog-bedsAlmost every dog owner knows that their canine companions love to sleep just as much as they love to romp and play. Sometimes, watching your dog sleep can be amusing because they seem to rest in the oddest places and the strangest positions. You may not have considered this, but a dog’s sleeping habits and preferences can clue you in to the best type of dog bed for your individual pup.

Types of Dog Beds:

  • Lounging beds
  • Support beds
  • Snuggling beds

If your dog tends to spend most of his time lying on his back (especially on your bed!) then a lounging bed might be the right fit. This type of bed is very soft and has a lot of room for your pup to spread out.

If your dog likes sleeping on a cushiony area such as your couch, a support bed might be the way to go. Dogs that sleep in these types of areas seem to prefer a bed with more support, which allows their joints to rest comfortably. Remember though, support does not mean hard with no give. Any bed should have enough softness so that your dog will be comfortable.

Finally, if the majority of the time you find your dog surrounded by your bed or couch pillows, he will be happiest with a snuggling bed. These are like oversized beanbag chairs that your dog can sink into, burrowing down deep for maximum comfort.

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