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How to Choose the Right Treats for Your Dog

choosing dog treats blogWhen it comes to dog treats, there are almost too many options. There are so many brands, flavors, sizes, and textures available that the possibilities may seem endless. So, how do you know which one is right for  your canine companion? Below are a few guidelines to follow to narrow down your selection:

1. Look for quality: Healthier choices should contain natural ingredients, minimal preservatives, and no added sugars. Look at the ingredients list for whole foods that are recognizable.

2. Opt for small treats for training: If you’re signing up for an obedience class or teaching your pup a new trick, smaller treats are usually a smart option. It can take a lot of positive reinforcement for a dog to learn something new, which could add up to quite a few calories if the treats are too big. Plus, you want your dog to be able to gobble up his reward quickly so he can move on to the next repetition.

3. Think USA: For your dog’s safety, make sure to choose treats that are sourced and manufactured in the United States.

4. Keep your dog’s individual needs in mind: For dogs with sensitive stomachs, limited ingredient treats (like sweet potato chews or freeze-dried chicken treats) are usually a safe choice. Older dogs might do better with a softer treat rather than a hard, crunchy one. Keep these types of things in mind when perusing the treat aisle.

5. Try and try again! Treats only work as rewards if your dog really digs them. If your pup doesn’t like one type of treat, don’t be afraid to pick up a different bag next time! Texture and flavor preferences can vary greatly from canine to canine.


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  • Julie F March 9, 2016, 1:36 pm

    I only allow people to use the PLAIN milkbone – tiniest samples. However, when I am in control, I use Science Diet’s T/D diet. Yes it is frightfully expensive but used as a treat and reward you are helping their teeth and all the dogs love them – we have more than sixty here at WARM to guarantee their love of their stuff – and their great teeth!!

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