How to Convert a Cat’s Age into People Years

by VetDepot on June 24, 2014

cat age blogThe topic of “dog years” has been a much debated one. The old rule is that one dog year equals seven people years, but with dog breeds varying so much in size and lifespan, this simple equation just isn’t always applicable. Cats, however, are a little more uniform in size, making it easier to come up with a formula that works.

The first year of a cat’s life typically takes him or her into adolescence. The second year brings a cat into adulthood. From this point forward, you can start equating one human year with four cat years. So, let’s a say a 2-year-old cat is approximately 22 years old in people years. This means that a 3-year-old cat is 26 years old, a 4-year-old cat is 30 years old, a 9-year-old cat is approximately 50 years old, and so on.

Of course, this formula is only an estimate and the aging process can have a lot to do with the owner’s actions. For example, an obese cat will likely experience chronic pain and be less active earlier in life than other cats of the same age. A healthy diet, activity, and regular veterinary checkups can help keep cats (both young and old) playful and happy.

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