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How to Determine if the Pavement is too Hot for your Dog’s Paws

dog ready for walk blogLabor Day weekend may be behind us, but the weather is still hotter than ever in many parts of the country. Since we typically wear shoes outside, it’s sometimes easy to forget that when temperatures rise, the pavement is often too hot for canine paws.

An easy test to determine the safety of pavement on a warm day is to place your palm on the ground and slowly count to three (one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi). If you experience any pain by the time you reach three, the ground is not safe for your dog’s feet. If this is the case, consider waiting until the evening to go for a walk or stay on the shady side of the street. Canine boots are also available to protect the paws, as long as your dog will tolerate wearing them.

Symptoms of paw burns include limping, refusal to walk, licking the feet, blisters, redness, or missing skin from the foot pad. If you notice these symptoms, keep the food pads cool and clean. A vet can determine if a serious burn or infection is present.

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  • Glenda Hecox September 4, 2014, 10:57 am

    Living in South Texas I am often at the beach with my jack Russell.I test the sand my walking bare foot,if it’s too hot for my feet it’s too hot for his paws.

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