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How to Keep Your Cat Off the Counter

cat on counter blogCats are natural climbers with a knack for exploring high places. Unfortunately, these elevated places often include kitchen counters and tables. Not only may the idea of cat hair in and around your food be a little unappetizing, but jumping up onto kitchen surfaces can actually be dangerous for your cat. Stove burners, sharp objects, and unsafe foods are all potential hazards. Below are four tips for keeping your kitty off of these kitchen surfaces:

1. Make the areas uninteresting: Remove any houseplants from countertops and make sure not to leave any food out. This will reduce the temptation to jump up.

2. Don’t feed your cat from the table: If your cat repeatedly sees food coming off the table and into her belly, there’s a good chance she’s going to jump up there to see what else there might be to snack on. Some “people” foods (like tuna and eggs) are safe for cats, but it’s best to put these items in her food dish away from the table and countertops.

3. Provide alternatives: Be sure your kitty has some appropriate places to jump on and explore. Cat trees and window perches are both great options.

4. Get creative: One slightly outside-the-box tactic is to cover your countertop with aluminum foil. Most cats don’t like the feeling of walking on foil and will quickly retreat back to the ground. It shouldn’t take long before your feline companion gets the message and you’re able to remove the foil.

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