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How to Prepare your Cat for a New Baby

cat and baby blogIf you’re a cat owner and you’re expecting a new bundle of joy, chances are that you’re wondering how your feline companion is going to adjust to the change. Cats are creatures of habit, so consistency and planning are necessary for a smooth transition. Below are a few tips for preparing your cat:

  • Decide whether or not the baby’s room will be off-limits. Make sure everyone in the family is on the same page about the decision.
  • Expose your cat to baby stuff. Remove a few toys and supplies from their packaging so that your cat gets used to new items in the house. Start using baby lotion on your own skin to expose your feline companion to the smell.

  • Make a schedule. It may be hard to stick to an exact schedule once the baby arrives, but do your best to feed your cat and clean the litter box at the same time every day. Recruit the help of family members so this schedule stays consistent upon the baby’s arrival.
  • Avoid changes in attention. It may be tempting to give your cat a ton of extra attention in anticipation of being very busy when the baby comes home. It’s important to not do this, however, so that your cat doesn’t become lonely or depressed when the change occurs. Block out some cuddle or play time and remain consistent.

By following these tips and keeping your cat’s needs in mind, your growing family can adjust without any bumps in the road!

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