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How to Senior Pet Proof Your Home

senior pet proof blogOctober is Senior Pet Wellness Month! You probably already know that your older canine or feline companion can benefit from a little extra TLC, but there are also things you can do around your house to make life a little easier for your aging best friend. Below are four ways to senior pet proof your home:

1.  Consider non-slip rugs: Slippery hardwood flooring can be tricky to navigate for aging pets. Non-slip rugs are an easy way to ensure your pet has traction when venturing around your house.

2. Clean up clutter: If your senior pet is losing her eyesight, it’s important to keep clutter off the floors. Make sure there are clear pathways from your pet’s typical lounging spots to her food and water dishes. Also, it’s a good idea to try to keep your pet’s toys in the same place so they’re easy to find.

3. Invest in comfortable bedding: Chances are, your older pet is experiencing some degree of joint pain. Make sure your four-legged companion has an extra-comfortable place to rest those achy joints by investing in a plush pet bed.

4. Use ramps: If your dog has trouble jumping into your car or your senior kitty can’t get up on your bed as easily as she used to, ramps are an easy solution. Ramps are especially helpful for large dogs that can’t easily be lifted and carried when necessary.

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