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How to Stop a Cat Fight

kitten fight blogMuch of the time, cats are able to live peacefully with each other. They can share food and water dishes, they may nap close to one another, and they approach each other with their tails held in the air. The feline world isn’t always peaceful, however, and altercations do sometimes occur.

If you witness a conflict, do not reach your hands in the middle of the fight (injury is highly likely). Instead, try to distract your cats by throwing a toy nearby. If this isn’t enough, splash a small amount of water on the cats or toss a blanket over the aggressor. Once separated, place the cats in different rooms with their own dishes and litter boxes. Give both parties some time to settle down before allowing contact with each other or children.

Of course, preventing a fight is always better than breaking one up. If you notice one cat in your home hogging the toys, resting places, or food bowls, a conflict is more likely to occur. Step in and make sure your cats have access to food, water, toys, and a comfortable place to rest in different areas of the house. Also, if you notice any unusual irritability or aggression, speak with a veterinarian. A medical issue could be to blame for this undesirable behavior.

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  • shirlene October 16, 2014, 3:16 pm

    A client of mine put her hand on her cat to intervene in a fight. Her cat bit her. She was in the hospital for eight days, on three different IV antibiotics for 3 different bacterial infections. She had to have physical therapy and has permanent nerve damage. I have been bitten in both hands by aroused cats, and also have nerve damage. The second time I was not able to use my hand for 2 weeks – not even to drive. Never, EVER put your hand on a cat that is involved in a fight, or aroused by another animal. Get a broom, blanket, water, etc.

  • Heather February 23, 2015, 6:03 pm

    Great info! I think the first reaction would be to try to grab one. But those scratches would be vicious!

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