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Infographic: How to Be a “Green” Pet Owner!

It’s no secret that our planet is being polluted, consumed, and damaged at an alarming rate. Part of this is due to overpopulation, which has caused drastic consumption that our planet literally cannot sustain. The other part of the problem is due to the fact that the products we manufacture, sell, and use not only require large quantities of our Earth’s resources, but they are combined with toxic and artificial chemicals that then are disposed of in our environment and cause even more damage. This has led to a movement over the last couple decades in which people try to “Go Green” by living an eco-friendly lifestyle that has as little environmental impact as possible.

How does being a pet owner fit into the picture? Well, many pet care companies cut corners in order to make cheap/affordable products for pet owners everywhere – at the expense of the environment, and also at the risk of damaging the very pets they are supposed to care for! It is absolutely dreadful to discover the many ways that large, commercial branded dog foods, treats, shampoos, cleaners, toys, etc. are not only exploiting our beautiful green planet, but also damaging it at the same time! In addition to our blog entry about this subject, here’s a helpful infographic from UltimateHomeLife.com that gives many simple tips for you to follow in order to “go green” and live in harmony with the environment:


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