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Introducing Angels’ Eyes Natural—The New Veterinary Formula Tear Stain Supplement

angels-eyesNatural Tear Stain Remover

Does your dog or cat suffer from unsightly tear stains around their eyes? Or what about stains around their mouths and on their coats from licking? Thanks to Angels’ Eyes Natural, the new veterinary formula tear stain supplement, you can now remove these stains from your pet without chemicals or antibiotics. Best of all, Angels’ Eyes Natural comes with 10% more than before. Plus it’s now available at VetDepot.com, where you can save time and money by ordering pet supplements and pet supplies online.

Angels’ Eyes Natural not only removes existing stains, but it also works from the inside out to keep new ones from forming. This new veterinary formula gets its stain-removing power from its combination of natural active ingredients like: Cranberry Powder, Oregon Grape Root, and Marshmallow Root. Even its inactive ingredients, 100% Freeze Dried Chicken Liver and Sweet Potato, are all-natural. Unlike other tear stain supplements, this product does not contain chemicals, medications, or antibiotics. This is perfect for pet owners who want to minimize the risk of side effects or don’t want to use drugs when they aren’t necessary.

This tear stain supplement boosts your pet’s immune system, helps lubricate the mucous membranes in the eyes, and provides natural anti-microbial action against bacteria and yeast that can cause tear stains.

About Tear Stains in Pets

Sometimes when your pets’ eyes water it can cause reddish-brown stains underneath the eyes. This excess tear production and overflow is called epiphora. The damp environment around the eyes becomes a perfect home for bacteria and yeast that cause the tear stains. In the past, pet owners would only be able to use topical products to remove them, but these products don’t treat the underlying causes of tear stains. By purchasing Angels’ Eyes Natural from VetDepot.com, you can remove stains from the inside out.

Here are some tips to help you keep your pet free from unsightly stains.

  • Make sure your pets receive regular veterinary care. Have your vet check for common infections, including those caused by Red Yeast.
  • Check your pet’s diet because allergic reactions can sometimes cause excess tear production. Artificial dyes, additives, corn, wheat, and soy are common allergens that might be behind your pet’s tear stains.
  • Clean your pet’s eyes. Eyelashes, hair, and other foreign bodies can all cause irritation that can lead to tear stains. Always make sure your hands are clean before touching the area around your pet’s eyes.

When used correctly, Angels’ Eyes Natural works on both dogs and cats to remove tear stains naturally without antibiotics. Buy a 2.99 oz. or a 5.99 oz. bottle today from VetDepot.com.

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