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Is Dental Care Necessary for My Pet?

We all know dental care is important for us, but is it really necessary for our pets? Will it really make a difference if we brush their teeth daily?

The answer is yes! Dental care for pets is just as important as it is for humans. Your pet’s dental health is critical to their overall health. Dental issues can cause health problems in other parts of your pet’s body to occur. This makes it extremely important to implement a dental hygiene routine in addition to having your pet’s teeth and gums evaluated by their veterinarian at a minimum, once a year. Routine veterinarian visits allow veterinarians to evaluate your pet for early signs of health issues and well as maintain your pet’s dental hygiene.

Pets may have symptoms of dental health issues. Signs to look for include:

-Swelling in or around the mouth

-Broken or loose teeth

-Loss of appetite

-Bleeding from the mouth

-Bad breath

If your pet is suffering from any of the mentioned symptoms, schedule a visit with the veterinarian. Your pet’s veterinarian may suggest a variety of treatment plans if your pet is having any type of issue.

One of the best things you can do for your pet’s dental health is preventative care. Brushing your pet’s teeth and providing dental chews can make a world of a difference.

While it can be challenging to do so, brushing your pet’s teeth is very effective in preventing any dental issues. Many pets don’t like to have their owners brush their teeth, but starting this routine early on in your pet’s life will create a healthy habit and be effective in avoiding dental issues for your pet.

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