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Is it Safe to Buy Pet Meds Online?

safe to buy meds online blogThe costs of pet ownership can definitely add up, and in tough times like these, many people are looking for ways to save money wherever they can. Ordering pet meds online is an easy way to save up to 60% on your pet’s medications. However, some people have questions about the safety of buying pet meds online. Concerns have been raised regarding the freshness, sources and authenticity of drugs sold online. The truth is, companies like VetDepot value your pet’s health and safety as much as you do and deliver the same quality medications as those available at your local veterinarian’s office. Keep reading to learn more about how safe and convenient it can be to save money on popular pet medications like Frontline Plus and Heartgard by ordering online.

Legitimate websites like VetDepot have veterinary partners who allow them to purchase medications from the same suppliers as your local veterinarian. Because online companies are able to buy and sell much larger quantities of medication than a vet’s office would, online companies like VetDepot have only the freshest products in stock. Additionally, online pet pharmacies are able to maintain much lower prices than veterinarians do because they buy in bulk and have much lower overhead costs than a vet’s office.

If you are concerned about the possibility of receiving counterfeit products when ordering online, look critically at the website. Illegal pet medications are generally sold by companies based outside of the United States and are easy to spot. Don’t order medications that list information on the pet’s weight in the metric system (kilograms instead of pounds) or if the image on the website does not look like the genuine product. US based companies like VetDepot only carry authentic products obtained from US suppliers.

When you’re choosing a website to order your pet meds from, look for certification by a pharmacy certification organization such as LegitScript or .Pharmacy. These organizations ensure that the website’s operations are safe, legal and in compliance with industry ethical standards. Ordering your pet’s medication online from a reputable source like VetDepot offers you savings as well as the convenience of receiving your pet’s medications delivered right to your door. With VetDepot, you can be sure you’re receiving the exact same product as you would from your vet’s office, you’ll always pay the lowest price and your personal information is safe and secure. VetDepot guarantees it.

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