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Is Your Cat Suffering From a Hot Spot?

Have you ever noticed a patch of fur missing on your cat’s body? It could be bald or it can resemble a lesion with fluids oozing. Does your pet seem to be constantly bothered by the spot and lick it? Your cat may be suffering from a hot spot. A hot spot is an area of infected, inflamed skin located on a cat’s thigh, tail, neck, or head.

What Causes a Hot Spot?

Allergies- You cat may suffer from a type of allergy. For example, your cat may allergic to a type of food, a household cleaner or the brand of kitty litter they are exposed to.

Age- The older the cat, the more susceptible they are to hot spots.

Diet- Your cat’s food should be high quality. If it contains too much carbohydrates or starch it can result in allergies. Too many carbohydrates or starch causes your cat to over produce yeast, ultimately resulting in irritation.

How Is a Hot Spot Treated?

If you suspect your cat is suffering from a hot spot make an appointment for her to be seen by her veterinarian. Treatment may be as simple as changing your cat’s food or determining what household product is causing your cat’s allergic reaction. In other cases, your cat may require a cortisone shot to help clear up any hot spots. It’s not uncommon for your cat to require multiple cortisone shots before the hot spot is completely gone. The veterinarian may suggest an anti-itch spray that will help relieve any itchiness while the hot spot heals. Since cats are known to lick their hot spots, preventing them from healing, a pet cone is a great tool for helping your cat heal by not allowing her to lick the hot spot.

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