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It’s Fly Season for Horses!

fly-season-horsesSpring has arrived and with it some warm weather in large parts of the country.  While you may be relishing the sunshine and high temperatures, your horses may not.  Why is that?  Warm weather triggers the return of flies!

If you’ve ever watched a horse besieged by flies, you have a feeling for how annoying they must be.  The constant head shaking, skin twitching, and foot stamping distracts from other behaviors and activities.  The regular use of a long lasting and effective fly spray is one of the best ways to keep horses comfortable and focused on the task at hand during fly season.

In some cases, flies are more than a nuisance.  They can lay their eggs in soiled hair and breaks in a horse’s skin.  When the maggots hatch they feed on the surrounding tissue and release toxins, which can make horses very sick.  Flies also carry the bacteria that cause pigeon fever, which in severe cases can be fatal.  To prevent maggot infestations and reduce the chances of disease transmission via flies, keep up with your horse’s grooming.  If you find a small wound, wipe a fly repellent ointment onto the surrounding skin.  Larger wounds should be assessed and treated by a veterinarian.

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