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It’s Football Season! Protect Your Pet from These 3 Dangerous Game Day Foods

dog football blogTime to break out that old jersey and gather around the TV! Football season is a great opportunity to get together with family and friends while enjoying some tasty game day food. But, pet parents should beware, some of these snacks can pose a serious threat to their canine and feline companions. Below are three common football-watching foods to keep out of reach from Fido and Fluffy:

1. Chicken wings: The bones can break teeth and even splinter and perforate the intestines if ingested. Plus, the average chicken wing contains around 200 mg of sodium, which is the amount of sodium a 20 pound dog should not surpass in an entire day. A diet rich in sodium can lead to high blood pressure and contribute to kidney and heart disease in pets.

2. Alcohol: While a cold beer and rooting for your favorite team may go hand in hand, alcoholic beverages are extremely dangerous for pets. Consumption of just a few ounces can lead to ethanol poisoning in dogs and cats. Signs that your pet may have ingested alcohol include involuntary urination and slowed breathing.

3. Guacamole: This dip may make a yummy snack, but it contains multiple ingredients that are toxic for pets. Avocado can lead to stomach upset, while garlic and onion can cause serious gastrointestinal issues and even red blood cell damage if enough is consumed.

If you want to give your pet something special while everyone else is enjoying their game day goodies, opt for a healthy treat designed specifically for canine or feline tummies.

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