Keeping Your Yard Safe for Pets: Poisonous Plants and Safe Alternatives

by VetDepot on July 24, 2014

dog grass yard blogYour yard is a great place for the whole family to spend time. If your family includes a canine or feline companion, it’s important to keep your outdoor space safe and free of potentially dangerous plants. Below are four plants that pet owners should avoid and some suggestions for safe alternatives:

sago palm edited1.) Sago Palm: The Sago palm is a popular landscaping choice in temperate climates. The problem is, every part of this palm (especially the seeds) is poisonous. The bamboo palm is a safer choice if you have a dog or a cat.

lillies edited2.) Lilly: Many lily varieties are toxic to cats, causing kidney failure. One feline-safe alternative is the resurrection lily.

morning glory edited 23.) Morning glory: This flower can cause disorientation in dogs and cats. Petunias are a pretty alternative that’s safe for four-legged companions.

oleander edited 24.) Oleander: Although beautiful, the oleander bush is highly toxic to both animals and people. For a safer (and more colorful) alternative, give the ixora a try.

Keep in mind that plants aren’t the only dangers lurking in your garden. Cocoa mulch contains theobromine which, if ingested, can cause adverse reactions in pets. The harmful chemicals in fertilizers can also pose a danger to dogs and cats.

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