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Looking for a Fun Pet that’s Easy to Take Care of? Consider a Guinea Pig

guinea-pigGuinea pigs are a type of rodent, but don’t let that scare you away from making one part of the family. They are social critters who enjoy attention from people and don’t have a reputation for biting. Guinea pigs make good pets for children who are ready for the responsibilities associated with animal ownership, but don’t get one on a whim. Their average life expectancy is around six years, so a young “pig” should be around for quite a long time.

Caring for guinea pigs is not difficult, which is one of the reasons they are so popular. All-in-one guinea pig kits are a convenient way to purchase the necessities before getting started. If you want to design your own guinea pig environment, you will need:

  • A roomy cage
  • Soft, absorbent, and non-toxic small pet bedding–cleaning the cage regularly and replacing the bedding will help keep your guinea pig happy and healthy.
  • A water bottle
  • Food and a bowl–guinea pigs should eat primarily grass hay. Dark leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables can be given as supplements on a daily basis. Guinea pig dry food can also be fed in small amounts.
  • An untreated wooden block to chew on–this helps wear down a guinea pig’s continuously growing teeth.
  • A vitamin supplement to ensure that your guinea pig gets the vitamin C that it needs.
  • A safe place to let your guinea pig out of its cage–wire enclosures let guinea pigs exercise and safely spend some supervised time outside.

Most guinea pigs want and need a lot of “together time” with their owners. If you are concerned that your schedule won’t always allow this, consider getting two guinea pigs that can bond with one another.

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