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Make a Puppy Gift Basket

puppy gift basket blogMany shelters, rescues and breeders choose not to send a puppy home right at a big holiday time like Christmas. Many don’t believe pets make good Christmas gifts because the decision to bring home a new pet should be a well thought out one–a puppy is a serious responsibility not just a cute Christmas morning present. Also, a puppy may get overwhelmed if brought home during the excitement of the holiday and not get off to the best possible start in his new home.

It might be best to wait until after the chaos of Christmas day itself to bring home that cuddly canine addition to the family. A great gift idea to help tide everyone over is a puppy gift basket. Fill a basket with some practical and cute puppy items and tie it up with a pretty bow! Below are some new puppy owner “must haves” that you might want to include:

  • A bitter spray such as Bitter Yuck No Chew Spray can keep a new puppy in good graces instead of in trouble for chewing on that table leg. A Kong for puppies, especially if filled with tiny treats, can be a great chewing substitute to keep that pup’s mouth occupied.
  • Puppies don’t usually come perfectly potty trained and will undoubtedly have at least a few accidents. Having a top quality odor and stain remover on hand could be a blessing. Puppy Odor Neutralizer Spray is a convenient item to deal with those accidents.
  • Of course, you’ll want to include some toys and treats for that sweet new ball of fur. Toys that help keep a puppy active like the Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Ball are a great idea because they provide mental and physical stimulation.
  • For a final nice touch, stick in a gift certificate to a local puppy kindergarten class. That way the pup will definitely get off on the right paw with his new family!
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