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Make Time to Play with your Cat

overweight-catOne of the most effective ways to prevent obesity and behavioral problems in cats is to schedule daily play sessions with them.  Indoor cats often suffer from inactivity and boredom even when there is more than one pet in the household.  Playing one on one with a person is a great way of keep cats healthy and happy.

The best type of play makes use of a cat’s innate desire to hunt. Toys that stimulate the prey drive will get cats to stalk, pounce, and burn off energy.  Teach your cat to fetch or tie a toy to the end of a string and bounce it down the hall.  Kitty fishing poles are also a good way to promote activity. Some cats enjoy chasing bubbles or the light from a laser pointer.

Also try to keep your cat active and engaged while you are out of the house. Hide low fat treats inside a small Kong and let your cat work to get at them.  Or, use dental treats in the same way and your cat can get some exercise and clean her teeth at the same time.

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