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Make Your Own Canine Winter Wear!

dog winter wear blogWhile there are many dogs who enjoy a romp in the snow just covered with their own natural coats, some dogs do need some assistance to stay warm and comfortable in cold weather.

Booties may help many dogs. Even racing sled dogs often wear booties to help with super cold temperatures and the sharp edges of frozen snow and ice. Once temperatures get around 0 degrees, many dogs will hold up a paw after just being outside for a few minutes. If your budget is tight you can even make your own dog booties. This pattern is simple, quick and can be done with scraps of fabric you have around the house. It is nice to make multiple pairs so one set can be drying while your dog is bouncing around outside in the other. These will hold up for short outings but you may need to purchase “serious” booties for longer walks.

Winter coats can be helpful for many dogs. A Newfoundland will overheat if put in a coat but a Miniature Pinscher will thank you – and even with a coat, generally insist on going back inside ASAP. Elderly dogs, dogs with health problems that make them susceptible to cold such as Cushing’s Disease or hypothyroidism, and dogs with coat loss from chemotherapy may all appreciate a coat for winter.

Coats vary dramatically. Your dog may only need a coat to shed wet rain or he may prefer a fleece lined coat to help with warmth. Coats can range from expensive designer models to lovely homemade versions. If you are clever at crafts and need to save money, check around for a pattern for sewing your own dog coat.

With houses being kept cooler in the bad weather due to fuel costs, some shorthaired dogs would love to have a sweater to wear indoors as well. Again, many pet stores have sweaters and coats for sale, but you might enjoy making your dog a custom item. Leftover yarn from other projects could make this an economical choice as well.

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