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Memorial Day BBQ Dangers

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and there’s a high chance you’ll host or attend a BBQ. If your dog comes along for the fun it’s important to make sure they are safe from dangerous foods. Look out for these hidden BBQ dangers:

Corn on the cob- Dogs love to chew and corn on the cob may seem like the perfect treat for your dog but it’s very dangerous. Since dogs don’t know to chew the kernels off and not eat the rest, the cob can be dangerous is swallowed as it causes intestinal blockage.

Onions- Whether raw or cooked, onions are off limits for dogs. Due to the substance thiosulfate, onions are incredibly toxic to dogs causing gastrointestinal upset and an elevated heart rate.

Ribs- Meat on a bone can be dangerous for dogs due to the chance of choking. Once the meat is off the bone, your dog doesn’t know to not stop chewing. There’s a chance your dog may chew the bone which can lead to choking or even incredible injury to the digestive track if a piece of swallowed bone splinters.

In general, meat can be toxic to dogs if large amounts are consumed. Ingesting large amounts of fatty meat results in pancreatitis which is very dangerous and potentially life threatening.

Grapes- While the exact substance that causes toxicity isn’t known, dogs shouldn’t eat grapes as even small amounts can be fatally toxic.

Dessert- Any desserts made with chocolate lead to danger due to theobromine. This is toxic to dogs and can be potentially deadly. In addition, sugar free desserts containing xylitol are fatal to dogs.

To be safe, it’s not a bad idea to bring along your dog’s food or some special dog friendly treats so they don’t feel left out!

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