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Need a Little Quiet? Try ProQuiet

proquietYou know that post-Thanksgiving feast feeling? Content and very relaxed is the best way to describe it. Tryptophan, a type of amino acid, is the cause of this wonderful state-of-mind after overindulging in that yummy Thanksgiving turkey.

If you have ever found yourself enjoying the afterglow of a good meal only to be disturbed by your hyperactive dog or cat, take heart, furry family members can now benefit from the effects of tryptophan as well. ProQuiet is a safe nutritional supplement containing tryptophan and other natural calming ingredients that can help take the edge off a pet’s excitable personality. ProQuiet is not a sedative and can be used either for specific, stressful events (i.e. travel or boarding) or for longer periods of time, when necessary.

Of course, calming supplements for dogs and cats are no substitute for adequate exercise, play, attention, and training. But if despite your best attempts, you can’t get your dog or cat to just chill out for a while, why not give ProQuiet a try?

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