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New Year’s Eve Party Precautions for Pets

near years eve blogNew Year’s Eve is fast approaching which can mean parties, loud music, crowds, noise, and maybe ever fireworks. Although these are exciting ways to celebrate the New Year, they can be frightening for our pets.

Plan now to make accommodations for your pets. Have a quiet room set up for your pets to escape party pressure and get them settled there well before any company is due to arrive.  You may need to provide a crate for your dog with something to chew on to keep him occupied. Hit two birds with one stone and make that a dental chew so your dog gets some benefit as well. For cats, make sure to provide a litter box and some treats as well. You might consider putting on some calm background music to soothe anxious pets and drown out some of the noise.

For some pets, you may need more than just a quiet place to hide. There are a number of both prescription and over the counter calming aids for dogs and cats available. Ask your veterinarian about which choice makes the most sense for your individual pet.

If your pet is truly a “party animal”, you will still need to provide supervision. Guests may leave food or drinks within your pet’s reach, and alcohol can be toxic in fairly small amounts to pets.

Plan to ring in the New Year with some fun, but keep your pets safe!

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